A hug is worth a thousand words. A friend is worth more.


Friendship is the most beautifull thing in this life . Almost everybody is searching for an ideal friend, but nobody’s perfect. I don’t think that an ideal friend really exists, but it could have a lot of good gualities , like being friendly with other people, being smart, honest, communicable, merciful, sincere, trustworthy and responsible. A good friend is the one who’s close to you and supports you in everything, it’s a person you can base on. I suppose that an ideal friend doesn’t mean somebody who does everything right and who is perfect, a real friend is somebody you have something in common with. Usually there are some misunderstandings between friends, but this is fleeting.

Be friendly, make friends and don’t ever forget that friendship is an amazing thing. It is something you can’t buy and you can afford it only with a pure heart and a big wish.

„ An ideal friend is like a masterpiece, you can look at it, wonder and dream about it, but never have . ”


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