Powerful !

The power ! Women are very powerful, sometimes even dangerous. Nobody can stop them in their path, they can reach any height, and for that make  a lot of work. I’m a girl and I don’t  want to betray my fellow team (if you know what I mean), so I think that being a woman is a difficult and complicated work. I’m too young to say by what hard times are forced to move women, but not blind. I can see everything happening around me, and also get a conclusion.

Actually, a lot of women think that being strong means being tough and hard, like the male character, but I think that being strong is like a trait that would be good to have every person and to use as needed. Maybe I don’t understand something or maybe I have to grow up a little bit to realize what really means to be a woman, but I know for sure that we have to respect all these incredible creatures – ,, mothers”  that gave us life , took care, love and forgive us for all the crap we made.

   Power – is something miraculous: the power of giving birth, the power to create,the power to care, the power of love, all this created the woman.

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