Love by C.G

Love is the only hobby that pays a coin made of herself. ( Stendhal )

Love – a strange feeling, but known to all, just in different ways. Love often turns to disappointment when it goes two sexes. It is something inexplicable, is an attraction, is a stunning song, is an elixir with a strange composition.                                                   Sparkle in your eyes, butterflies in the stomach, the cold that rises from the heel up to the crown, these are a few signs of love, as some poets say. Some cite love as a disease that has no antidote. Many say that love exists only in stories, but I believe that it exists in life, but not everyone knows how to catch the moment and not everyone appreciates the attention, care and love from their loved ones.

The most beautiful thing in this life is love, or rather the result of a truly deep love – the children, two small eyes like two little stars that shine perplexed about what is happening around them, little beings who can’t wait to discover the world. In these moments, love shows her real power . With love parents educate their children, grow up and do the best for them.

I imagine a couple sitting under the moonlight and sharing their feelings realizing that they will always be together, which is very romantic. Some people, less ingenious, say simply ,, I love you ” and it will be enough to express this feeling, others are ready to bring the moon to their loved ones just to show how big and powerful their love is.   Unfortunately nobody knows what surprises life prepares for us and everything can change, might become absolutely different. The worst side of all this is when you keep love inside your heart and even a small disappointment can destroy it. Like a meteor destroying everything in its path, leaving black marks and disappear as nothing happened. Love is like a weapon which must be kept secure, not to get into hands of those who don’t know how to use it. And if this miraculous feeling gets into bad hands, there could be serious consequences, someone might use and profit of it not in the best way possible.

Love does not exist only between two people, it is everywhere, in the air, in nature, in music, poetry, painting, in everything that moves and in everything that can create a miracle, a protective shield against loneliness .

Love is a colour into  a blind’s eyes …


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